April 9, 2014

Lincoln at 8 Months

Lincoln is 8 months old now, and this is the first monthly post I've written about him. I guess that what happens when you're the third kid :) So here are a few things about Lincoln lately:

- He's the smiliest baby ever. All you have to do is say one thing to him and you get a huge grin.

-His smiles are always open mouth. I love that about him!! His mouth is identical to Dede's, but their smiles are totally different.


- He's been "teething" for the past four months, but finally got his first tooth in on the bottom.

- He is just starting to sit up on his own a little bit, but falls down after a minute. He's just like Mollie in that he's too busy playing with things and exploring to put his hands down to support himself.

- He's sooooo ticklish. 

- His laugh seriously sounds like a boy. It's hard to explain, but it's true!

- He sticks his tongue out and blows raspberries all the time. I don't remember either of the girls doing that.

- He's the easiest that any of my kids have been to get to sleep as a baby, and the only one to sleep in a crib.

- When his hair is sweaty, it looks like it curls a little. I have my fingers crossed. Stu's hair was super curly as a kid. 

- His hair just keeps getting blonder and blonder.

- He's got quite the personality. I think he might be a little wild, but I don't mind at all :)

April 3, 2014

Our DIY Industrial Dining Table

These are some pictures of the girls testing out our new dining table a few weeks ago. Stu made it, using the wood from the top of our old table. It was an old farmhouse style table that came with the building. Pretty cool for a free table! But it had some issues. Like the boards had small gaps between them, and crumbs would fall through. It also had no finish on it, so it soaked up anything that got on it, like Dede's greasy hand prints after rubbing butter all over them :)

 So Stu took the boards from the old top apart, got them joined together perfectly, then sanded, stained, and finished the new top after attaching it to the metal frame he built. Pretty awesome, right?! I think I'm allowed to brag about it a little since I'm not the one who made it :) I don't have any before pictures, but you'll have to trust me that it was an awesome transformation.


March 27, 2014

Something New

I introduced Mollie to perler beads today. You know, the little plastic beads that you arrange on a pegboard, and melt together with an iron. They totally take me back to the craft shack at Midnight Sun bible camp!

 Anyway, I saw some at the store the other day and thought they'd be right up Mollie's alley, and I was right. She loves anything super detailed like this, even if it takes a long time. She loved it, and worked very hard to make this almost perfectly symmetrical butterfly. 

I just love her <3

March 22, 2014

Through her Sister's Eyes

 Mollie used my camera a few weeks ago and snapped some pictures of Delia.
There were a lot that looked like this, lol..
But she did get some that I love. Here are my favorites..     

March 17, 2014

On Painting

I don't always say yes to painting. Sometimes it's just not a good time; I'm feeding the baby, it's almost time to eat, we're going somewhere, etc. But sometimes a lot of times I just don't want to deal with it; the mess, gathering the supplies, covering the table and their clothes, making sure Dede's not painting herself, cleaning it all up afterward. So I tell them to get out the crayons or markers instead. It's something I always feel bad about, and I'm trying to change. So here are some pictures yesterday, when I said "yes"!!
 Mollie chose these neon flowers for me :)