June 20, 2009


It's been really fun playing with Mollie's toys with her and seeing her start to interact with them. I know that babies at her age don't grab for things and hold them intentionally, but the other day I put a rattle in her hand just to see what she would do, and she held on to it and started shaking it. Ofcourse she didn't mean to, she was just moving her arms like she usually does, but at least now she knows that she can hold onto things and that shaking things makes noises.
This picture is last night on our way back from Eagle River. It was the first time she really paid attention to that toy (even though its been there for a few weeks!)

Here is the video from the other night. There's no sound and it's not too exciting but it'll be a little more like seeing her in real life. You can see her roll onto her side from her back.

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  1. Caitlin, Please do this again. I really enjoyed getting to watch Mollie in motion. I would love to see this kind of thing every week. Kiss her for me. Ganny