July 7, 2009

Another Good Weekend

On Saturday we took our chances by taking Mollie down to Seward for the Fourth of July. We really wanted to be down there for the Mt. Marathon race and Taco Dan's but we were kindof worried about how Mollie would do. She ended up doing pretty good and slept the whole waydown. She was a huge hit with all of the people down there, I don't know how many comments we heard about her as we were walking through the streets! This is the only picture we got of her in her red white and blue outfit cause we ended up having to change her after about an hour...

Yesterday we went to Stu's friend Dan's wedding. It was in the garden of his parents house and it was really nice! It was SUCH a hot day though (which I don't really mind). Our camera died so I didn't take any pictures of the actual wedding. I did get this one though...

I love this outfit and I said yesterday morning that I hope she doesn't get any poop on it! Well my mom was holding her yesterday at church while I was eating and she had a huge blowout that went all over my mom, so bad that she went home to change. But somehow NONE of it got on Mollie's clothes. I don't know how!

This last picture I took this morning cause I love this onesie, it's probably my favoritie one. I like the animals, that it buttons down instead of pulls over, and that the fabric is thicker than regular fabric.

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  1. Mollie pooped on Tammie?! I'm laughing so hard! Mollie is getting to be so big so fast!!! Such a pretty girl :)