September 5, 2009

Bonnet in the Sun

Mollie got this cute bonnet at her baby shower but had never wore it, so when we went outside today and she needed a hat, this one was perfect. She kindof reminds me of Little Bo Peep in it, maybe that is what she can be for Halloween. We'll just dress her up in a frilly pink dress and the bonnet, make a little cane, and let her hold some of my mom's stuffed sheep!


  1. ah shes sooooo cute and we cant wait for her to have hair!!! hopefully we can visit sometime early next year, I really miss you guys and Jazmin is excited to meet Stu and Mollie. Well we love yall - Ben

  2. Hi, Caitlin,
    That sweet, happy little Mollie! I love the little crochet bonnet.

  3. Beautiful! Marie is looking forward to playing with 'Mollie-Bible' in a few weeks!