September 12, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Today we combined a trip to the aiport to pick up Stu's truck with a shopping trip to Once Upon A Child. I'm never buying new baby clothes again! They had sooo many cute clothes, it was really hard notbuy everything! Mollie does have a TON of clothes, but she really did need some pants and long sleeve things so i picked out just a few outfits. As you can see, they have a ton of clothes there...
My parents bought Mollie this Baby Einstein Exersaucer and she seems to love it...


  1. It looks like you got a lot of cool stuff. Maybe we'll have to time to stop by there when we come up.

  2. That place is really neat. My mom and I have been shopping there for Gabby a lot. All their clothes are cheap! And like brand new!

  3. That outfit that says smile on it Emma had when she was a baby. I am sure Mollie will look so cute in all of those outfits. I need to hurry and send her the clothes my Mom and I bought her!!