October 8, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I think Mollie looks so cute when she sleeps, especially in our big bed.

I meant to write about some of the things Mollie's been doing in her 5 Month Old post with the bear but I forgot so I'll do it now! She's still rolling onto her stomach a lot to play with her toys. For the past few days she keeps rolling over when I'm trying to change her diaper or clothes! When she's on her tummy she's started to hold her self up on her hands instead of her forearms. I told Stu a few weeks ago that I thought she'd be doing that by the time he gets home! (He gets home tomorrow). She never really liked her pacifiers before but now they've become her favorite chew toy, along with anything else! As you can see in her pictures with the bear, she gets really excited sometimes! It's really funny to watch. She also started shaking things. It started out with her rattles but now she will shake anything. And last but not least, the cutest thing she likes to do now is touch your face. When she's done eating she'll reach up and grab my nose or just put her hand on my cheek!

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