March 2, 2010

10 Months Old!

Mollie turned 10 months old today and is doing a lot of new things. She's started saying a few more words. Probably the thing she says the most is "Kitty" but she also says "hi", "wow", "uh-oh", "you", and she tries to imitate most words you say.. She points to things all the time now and says "you" when she points, because I started showing her pictures of herself on the computer and pointing and saying "you!" She loves to play with dolls and stuffed animals, but mostly she loves to crawl around, cruise, and explore. In the last few weeks she has started taking a few steps at a time, but in the last few days she has gained a lot of confidence and has really walked a lot! As Stu said, it's not her main mode of transportation, but I'm sure it will be soon.


  1. She's such a beautiful, sweet baby. And growing and progressing so well. You and Stu are great parents. I am happy for you. Wish I could be around to play with Mollie.

  2. Ok Caitlin. Don't make us wait for those walking videos!

  3. Caitlin,
    Mollie is absolutely darling. She looks like she has her grandmothers crooked smile. Only sometimes though. I can't believe how fast she is getting on her feet. It just goes to show what a baby can do when given some freedom. Babies really need to be able to have freedom and they will develop fast. I love the little dress. Did you make that?
    Kiss her for me.