March 4, 2010

Cherry Apron

Here is the first apron I made from The Perfect Apron. Anyone interested in making aprons should get this book! There are instructions to make 35 vintage inspired aprons, and the book includes all of the patterns. There are also patterns for several different appliques and about 10 different styles of pockets, so it would be easy to combine them into your own design! There are also a few patterns for men's and children's aprons.
Aprons are so much faster to make than dresses and skirts, but turn out looking so nice! I can't wait to make more.
Isn't this the perfect fabric for an apron? I bought it at Walmart for $1.50 a yard! I got 4 yards but I kindof wish I bought the whole bolt!


  1. Oh, Caitlin, I love it, love it! The fabric is so perfect! And it is so YOU!


  2. Caitlin,
    You look marvelous darling!

  3. That is so cute! I love the ruffles and the heart apron:)

  4. I love wearing aprons and I love making aprons. Yours is adorable! I almost bought the exact same fabric but I already have an apron cut out of different material. Thanks for sharing. Carol Kuenning

  5. That apron is really pretty. I have a friend who has several aprons she bought in Japan - the design is very functional.