April 6, 2010

11 Months Old!

It took me forever to get a good picture this month!
Mollie is 11 Months old as of Thursday! In the past month she has begun full on walking, she really only crawls on the bed, or just a few feet before she stands up to walk again. She isn't really saying any new words. The ones she does say are "dada", "kitty", "uhoh", "hi", "hey", "no", "nose", "eye"(sometimes). Those are the words she says on her own, but she likes to imitate words you say. She likes to watch her "Your Baby Can Read" videos, and does some of the commands along with the video like "arms up", "clap", and "nose". Every parent probably says this, but I think she's pretty smart! She actually likes to look at her books now, and point to the things in the pictures, which makes me really happy because she used to just like chewing on them! She gravitates towards animals, people, dolls, or anything with a face in the pictures. It amazes me how babies are able to recognize faces. In the past week, Mollie has had a lot of fun playing with her older cousin Marie, who introduced her to dancing. Now she dances whenever any music comes on, and gets really happy! However, the happiest she ever gets is when I show her pictures of herself on the computer, point to them, and say "you!". I love to watch her face as it lights up when she realizes it's her, and she points at it and says "you". I just love her!

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  1. Well, Marie had a lot of fun with 'Mogie' too! Mollie is about to become bigger that the bear.