May 22, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

While driving into Palmer yesterday, I saw tons of signs for garage sales, so we decided to check some out today. The only thing we were really looking for was a small kids bike so that Stu can use the wheels for a project. I'm really excited about what we found!

The first thing we bought was this vintage Osterizer blender! It caught my eye because it's really similar to the blender that my parents have been using ever since they got married, until recently when the plastic on the container broke. This one is slightly different because the container is glass, and has a chrome instead of plastic base.
It also came with this little cookbook that was printed in 1970. It looks like it has some pretty cool recipes in it, especially for desserts.
The pictures and fonts used in it are so retro!
At another garage sale we found this umbrella stroller. After borrowing one down in Texas, I've thought about getting one for Mollie since all she has is one of the big bulky ones. What's really cool about this one is that it was marked free! What's really really is that I'm going to take it completely apart and give it a makeover! It will be really easy to take off the seat and the storage compartment underneath, and use them as patterns to make new ones out of some fabric that I choose! We will also repaint the frame, wheels, and handlebar. I'm really excited about it.

We also found a little bike! This isn't exactly what we were looking for since Stu didn't really want white tires, but it was free too!

Since we were going to take the free stroller and bike, we felt like we needed to buy something too, so I got these shoes. I know, they're extremely tacky. But I've seen several tutorials on blogs about recovering shoes with fabric, so I thought I'd try it on these ones.
In case you think I'm crazy, here's a before and after that Enken of Whipstitch did, found here.
Lastly is this hanging decoration that we bought on a whim.

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  1. Caitlin,
    Great job on the garage sale finds. Did you happen to look at the toenails on the model? EEEkkk!!!!!