May 2, 2010

Mollie's First Birthday

This is a homemade cake stand made with modpodge, patterned paper, cardboard, 2 cans, and ribbon. You can read more about how to do one on Prudent Baby, here.

We had pasta salad, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, mozzerella bites, mini-cupcakes, mandarin oranges, tropical fruit salad, punch, and tea.

I made this fabric bunting by cutting triangles out of scrap fabric and sewing them onto a few yards of bias tape.

The scalloped circles on these garlands were punched out of the cards Mollie received at her baby shower and attached to pink gingham ribbon, another idea from Prudent Baby.
I got most of Mollie's first year scrapbook done to have on display...

...and made this accordion book showing a picture of her with the bear from each month. The blankets under the book are ones that ladies from the church made Mollie when she was born.
Here's a dress-up chest full of purses, pearls, and scarves..

..and a mirror for playing dress-up. We also got out my old doll house.


  1. Caitlin, you did a fantastic job on the decorations! I loved it all and it made me wish I were there. Thank you for posting. I was waiting for this! All the little girls were so cute. The birthday girl is a shining star!
    Love You all

  2. That was all amazing! It gives me some inspiration for Marie's party later this month!

  3. Happy first birthday! It looks like it was a wonderful success. Loved the decorations and your daughter is so cute!!