September 3, 2010

Back To Mollie

Ever since I got this new phone, I've been taking tons of pictures of Mollie, since it's always in my pocket! Here she is being extremely dangerous while trying on the dress I made her...
I think she looks like I did at this age in this one...
This is the park that I always take Mollie to..
I love this outfit, she looks so grown up!
These next ones were taken at a little park that we walk to from our apartment. It's really not much of a park, just a grassy field with a sandbox and picnic tables. But the construction company that is building the new Carrs grocery store in Palmer is adding some new playground equipment to the park right now (the park is right behind the new store)! I heard that they are going to be building another park even closer to our house, which would be awesome.
This picture was taken right when she saw the horses..
She always picks up a rock to give to the horses..
This is a new face she's been making, it's really funny!
And lastly, this little statue that is outside of our apartment building. Everytime we walk past it, Mollie points to it and says "mama", I don't know why!

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  1. She is so stinking cute!!! I love the clothes you make her!! What a little beauty. Hope to see you all soon!!! Aunt Lori