September 11, 2010

Fall In The Park

It was such a perfect Fall day today, completely blue skies, warm enough not to need a jacket, and leaves all over the ground! We went to the A-moose-ment park, and Mollie wore her sunglasses the whole time!

This was right after we got there. I think she was deciding what we should do first!

We always go to the swings first, and for the first minute or two she doesn't stop smiling!


  1. Precious baby doll. She looks so happy. Hold her tight and tell her that her grandmother loves her more that words can tell.

  2. She looks like a little grownup! Cant wait to see her! God bless

  3. That little dress and the sunglasses look so high fashion! She's a high fashion little girl!! I am so thankful I can see you all by means of the computer. Makes you seem not quite so far away. Love Y'all!