September 25, 2010

Fall Is Here

Sorry it's been over a week since my last blog. Stu's finally home so we've been busy doing stuff! Plus most of the pictures I take are to send to Stu while he's on the slope and now that he's home I haven't been taking as many pictures.

Well, Fall is officially here, in Alaska at least! The pictures on my last post are from less than two weeks ago and Mollie is in short sleeves, and here's what she had to wear today:
The last two days have been EXTREMELY windy, blowing most of the leaves off of the trees. Here's the view in our driveway. We are actually pretty close to the Palmer-Wasilla Highway (the main road here) but it really feels like we're in the country. Here's a tree in our yard that is falling over because of the wind.
Here's a closer look at the ground and roots of the tree. Mollie said "uh-oh" when we were looking at it. I guess she knows that it's not supposed to be like that!

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  1. woah! that tree! that tree has survived a lot, i remember climbing all over it when we were little