January 11, 2011

Baby Things!

Here are some things I've made over the last few months for two new babies at church. The coolest thing is that the two babies are cousins, and they were born just a little over a week apart!

This is a "taggie" blanket. I used a pattern from THIS book, Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter. This book is what got me started sewing! It has so many cute and easy projects for babies and toddlers.

You really don't need the pattern or instructions from the book to make this though. You just cut out two squares that are the same size, and varying lengths of ribbon. You just pin together the two squares with the right sides together, fold the strips of ribbon in half, and pin them between the two fabrics. Sew around the edges of the square, leaving a 1.5" gap unsewn. Turn the blanket right side out by pulling it through the gap, then topstitch close to the edge around the whole blanket, which will sew the gap shut! Both of the fabrics I used for this one were flannel.

The pattern for the fleece hat below is in the same book. I also made these onesies. The one with the tie and the car were done by applique-ing the fabric onto the onesies by zig-zag stitching around the design. The moose on the last onesie is an iron on transfer.

Here are some things I made for my friend Kristina's baby. The fleece hat is from the same book.
I love this yellow onesie. I made it by stitching part of a crochet doily around the neck.

I wish these pictures were clearer. For the white onesie I did the same thing, but using eyelet lace. I love the white on white.

The ruffles on the back are my favorite part though.

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  1. i loved the outfits you made Macey! they are so adorable! i need to get a picture of her in the lace bottom one of her on her tummy haha love it!