January 11, 2011


I am finally catching up on blogging! I thought the reason I hadn't been blogging was because I was so busy with school, but since I still didn't get around to blogging during Christmas break, I think the real reason was that the cord to put pictures onto the computer was downstairs and I would never remember to go get it.

A few days before Halloween I decided to make a poodle skirt for Mollie's costume. I had seen a tutorial for a "circle skirt" using wide elastic for the waist a few months earlier, so that is what I used. HERE it is if you're interested.

It was suprisingly easy, and fun to make the poodle and leash. The poodle is just white felt. I just googled "poodle silhouette" and traced one of the images that came up. The leash is grosgrain ribbon.

You can see why they call it a "circle skirt". It really is just a donut shape cut out of the fabric, so there is no side seams!

I just remembered to edit this post to say that Mollie never got to wear this on Halloween. I ended up feeling sick the next morning with a realy bad headache, so we didn't do anything for Halloween. Oooooh, that just gives me the idea for a 50's themed birthday party for Mollie's 2nd birthday so that she could wear it! We'll see..

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