January 17, 2011

Vintage Maternity

There are not many maternity patterns made by the "big 4" pattern companies these days, so I decided to look up some vintage patterns on Etsy. There were TONS! There were a lot that I wanted, but I decided on these two:

I love vintage and vintage-inspired clothes and read quite a few blogs about sewing from vintage patterns, but have never done it myself. From what I've read, it's common to find vintage sewing patterns in thrift stores, antique stores, garage sales, or estate sales in the lower 48, but I think that up here in Alaska, my only option is to buy online. Luckily there are many online stores dedicated to finding and selling them. I think that vintage dresses are so flattering, and can't wait to make more once I'm not pregnant!


  1. Hey Caitlin,
    Terri has a ton of vintage patterns that she said you and Lauren can divide and share. There are so many cool ones that I know you would die to have. From what I understand they run a bit smaller than current sizes. Anyway if you ever come here she will give them to you. She has probably 6 boxes full of them with 25 or thirty in each box (at least). Have fun!

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