February 26, 2011

New Baby Girl

Here are some ultrasound photos of our new baby! At our 20 week anatomy scan at the doctor's office, we weren't able to tell for sure whether it was a boy or girl. The doctor was 80% sure it was a girl, but we felt like we couldn't really prepare for the baby until we knew for sure. That was the last ultrasound I was scheduled to have for the rest of the pregnancy, so I spent a few weeks of looking around for an inexpensive ultrasound place. A friend from church who's also pregant told me about Alaska Open Imaging Center, who does a 30 minute 3d ultrasound package for only $100. That is a great deal!

The baby was literally bent in half at the waist the whole time! I had eaten and drank a soda right before the appointment to get the baby moving, but I think she actually fell asleep. She definately doesn't move as much as Mollie did in the womb, so I'm hoping that will carry over into her personality. I would love a calm baby!

The sonographer was able to tell pretty quickly that it was definately a girl!

This is a view of the bottom of a foot.

This picture is one of the wierdestthings I've ever seen! The baby opened her mouth REALLY wide. Ofcourse it looks wider than it really is because you can't see the skin around her mouth. She did it a few times during the ultrasound.

A leg and foot..

The umbilical cord was partly in front of her face the whole time, so we didn't get super clear pictures of the face. Luckily we mainly just wanted confirmation of the sex.

Profile shot and hand under the chin..

I think she'll look like Mollie. We think she has her nose.

We got a cd with some short video clips, so I will try to upload those too.


  1. awesome!! thanks for sharing, that one you can really tell its a girl haha even i can!

  2. She does look like Mollie. These are awesome pictures. Thank you so much for letting me know about these. I love them. She definitely looks like her name should be Linda for some reason.


  3. Caitlin that is so precious to see her little face, it just melted my heart. Can't wait to see her make her debut.

  4. Oh my! I totally missed this. When your mom said you were hoping it would be a girl, I took that to mean it was a boy! Good for you - congratulations.