April 28, 2011

I Think It's Spring

It's not really warm outside, but warm enough! We spent some time walking around outside the Palmer library and downtown the other day. I think I've mentioned it before, but I love this area outside the libary with a big grassy lawn with little hills to run up and down, picnic tables, the Palmer settlers exhibit, and the historic buildings.

It's almost impossible to get Mollie to look at me when we're outside, too many things to see.

This is a little statue of Balto.

She's telling me to sit down too.

We had to run a bunch of errands after the library and Mollie hated getting in and out of the car without being able to walk around, so we stayed outside for a while when we got home.

Walking around with her "cell phone", just like me.

I took this picture 1 second too late. She had laid her head down on this rock pretending to sleep.

Looking at the horses under the fence..

Running away from me down the street.

I think she would have kept going right now this cliff if I hadn't told her to stop!

That night we went to some friends' house to eat and Mollie found this outside..

It was probably a mistake to put her on because she did NOT want to get off.

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