April 2, 2011

Mollie This Week

Mollie has never been one to just sit back and relax, but lately she is starting to..

Playing with play-doh, this was her idea..

She's started liking to sleep with this quilt that my mom made her. I had to get a picture of the way she tucked her monkey in next to her..

Eating doughnuts!

Doesn't her tongue look wierd here?

She's also starting to really get into coloring and will spend a long time engrossed in it, that's always nice for me!


  1. I love that sweet little girl! Thank you for posting.

  2. Be really careful with the play-dough up the nose. Laura did that when she was a baby and shoved it clear to her brain on both sides. We had a terrible time trying to get her to blow her nose to get it out. Every time I would tell her to blow she would suck it further up there. We just had to wait until enough snot began to collect in there from the irritation that the pieces came falling out on their own. I was mortified at how long they were. I didn't know whether to laugh or have a nervous breakdown.