May 26, 2011

I've Accepted That..

..Mollie will NOT look at me when we're outside!!

She likes to take this ball to my parents' backyard to play with Max. She mostly just teases him with it though since she's too afraid to get too close to him (she's had a couple of traumatic dog experiences already in her short life, she's never gotten hurt by one though). If he gets too close she says "Oh! Oh! and blinks really fast! She loves to talk to him though , like he is just one of her friends. My mom says she's called him "little boy" before!

She loves my parents' cat, Oliver too. Sometimes she doesn't like when he comes close to her toys, but she is starting to "share" with him, giving him toys and saying "play with me!". One of the cutest things she does is bringing him his food. She'll say "come on Oliver", set it down, and say "eat your food".

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