May 6, 2011

A New Diaper Bag?

When I had Mollie, a friend from church made me an amazing handmade diaper bag! It has been the perfect diaper bag, with tons of pockets and little compartments. I know how much time had to have gone into making that, especially now that I know how to sew! Well after carrying it everywhere I've gone for the last two years, it's getting a little worn out, so I've been thinking about making a new one and have started looking at patterns online.

I love these first two, unfortunately they aren't patterns, just two diapers bags that a lady made. I think I mostly love the bows, the quilting on some sections of it, and the bias tape, so maybe I'll just add some of those things to the pattern I choose.

Here is a pattern that I could order online. You can use the pattern to make two different sized bags: the size shown on the front, and a tote-bag sized version of it. I really like it, but it's not technically a "diaper bag" so I'm not sure that it would have any inside pockets. Also, I'd have to wait for the pattern to come in the mail.

This one I could also order online, but it is a diaper bag and has lots of pockets inside. It also includes a pattern to make a changing pad.

Here is another pattern I could order online from Etsy, but it's an E-Pattern, so the pattern would immediately be sent to my email as a pdf file! Plus this bag has inside pockets and elasticized pockets on the sides which have been really handy on the bag I have now.

Simplicity has a ton of cute bag patterns, but the diaper bag patterns they have are not cute at all! I love the bag on the upper left on this Simplicity pattern, you can see it better here. All of the bags in this pattern are "apron inspired".

I really like the bigger bag on the left here too.

What do you think?


  1. I love them all!! I would probably get the last one, pattern 2551, the same one on the upper left that you like. How Fun!!!

  2. i like the yellow one, it didnt have a name, the one that has the diaper changing pad pattern too...its super cute syle and looks comfy, i love the large rings. and it looks like a purse!