May 8, 2011

Random Pictures of Mollie

Here are a bunch of miscellaneous pictures of Mollie from the last few weeks that didn't really fit with any of my other posts:

She likes to dress her dolls in her clothes..

She put this pair of my pajama shorts on somehow and made a little "baby sling" for her Minnie and Mickey figurines.

Here are some cute pictures of Mollie with her Aunt Jazmin.

I don't know if you can really tell from this picture, but Mollie got into our flour! That was the first time she's ever gotten into something like that..

Eating at her favorite restaurant, IHOP..

Outside of Target..

One of the things we got Mollie for her birthday was a doll stroller and she loves it! In these two pictures she was running around the apartment with it and thought it was so funny if I popped out from around the corner! I almost forgot to mention, she did that to her shirt, not me!

These two I just thought were funny..

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  1. Such cute pictures! Loved all of them. Especially the one where she made the little "baby sling." My first thought was ...She is so creative, just like her mama!