May 5, 2011

Scalloped Blanket

Here is my first scalloped blanket. This one's for Mollie but I bought fabric to make one for the new baby too. They have so many cute flannels at Joann's! I wasn't planning on making Mollie a blanket, since she already has a ton, but I knew she'd love this fabric. The pink and white striped fabric is the back of the blanket. I didn't finish it until after she'd gone to bed last night, so I put it on her during the night to surprise her when she woke up!


  1. Cute! It looks like it turned out really well. I so need to clean out our "sewing room" so I can sew up some quick things. I'd like to make a doll sling for Clara, repair the squirrel damage to the bassinet cover :(, and possibly sew one or two other things (curtains, a belly band, nursing nightgown, baby caps and blankets). Whew! But as long as the doll sling is made and the bassinet is repaired, I will be happy.

  2. So pretty, Caitlin.
    I bet Mollie was so happy and surprised with her new blanket.

  3. I'll bet Mollie just loved waking up to that darling little blankie. You did a wonderful job making that for her.