June 14, 2011

Colony Days

Every June, Palmer hosts a weekend-long celebration called "Colony Days". There's a big outdoor market, food vendors, music, free kids activities, contests, a car show, a parade, etc. Even though I grew up in Wasilla (right next to Palmer), I hadn't even heard of "Colony Days" until I was in highschool, and had never been until last year! It was held last weeked, and Mollie and I went on Friday. 

Riding on "Cookie" was the highlight of the day. It was so cute to see her up there, riding around by herself! 

We also visited the free petting zoo. I thought Mollie would love it, and I think she did, but she wouldn't touch any of the animals! She was fascinated by them, and was laughing and having a good time, but she just wouldn't pet them!

One of the churches in Palmer had a booth with free face painting and balloon animals for kids, so we got Mollie this little balloon mouse. She really loved it, and since it was naptime when we got home, we had to give it it's own pillow and blanket (a baby wipe) on the bed next to Mollie!


  1. She looks pretty confident up there! I love how her hair is all Pippi Longstocking.

  2. Wow! I can't believe she rode on the pony all by herself! I don't know if Marie would have or not.