June 27, 2011


Mollie is doing an amazing job adjusting to being a big sister. Her love for Delia is obvious, and she hasn't shown any signs of jealousy or neediness! I let Mollie be as involved as possible in taking care of "baby sister", and try not to get onto her about being too loud or too "rough" unless she could really hurt her. I'm so happy to have had another girl so that Mollie can have a sister.
 I love watching them looking into eachothers eyes and forming a bond..
 I love that Delia is so comfortable in Mollie's arms. Next to me, I think she's heard Mollie's voice the most while in the womb, and is comforted by the sound of me and Mollie's daily interactions.
 Mollie is really interested in what Delia does, and loves to talk about her. Here we are talking about how Delia is stretching.

 Mollie seems to be naturally gentle and affectionate with Delia most of the time, like the way she has her hand gently on her head...
 ... and how she is holding her feet
I'm so excited to watch them grow up together!


  1. Smiles! I know what you mean! I think the way our older girls respond to their baby sisters (and dolls) is a reflection of how they have seen us treat them. There is definitely a mothering gene in there too, but over all, Mollie is sweet towards Delia because you have been gentle with her. I'm with you. I love watching their relationship grow!

  2. Mollie is so sweet! I've been wondering how Marie will interact with Jacob.