July 2, 2011

Adjusting To Two

Before Delia was born, I worried about how I was going to take care of a toddler and newborn by myself while Stu is on the slope. How would I shower? What would Delia do while I was bathing Mollie? How would I put two kids to bed? Would I ever have time to get anything done?
 This week Stu has been busy moving out of one of his shops, and into his new shop. Since he's been gone most of each day, I've gotten a taste of what it will be like when he's back at work and I'm feeling much more confident!
 Delia is two weeks old now, and we have a good routine down for showering, naptime, and bedtime. I've been waking up whenever either Mollie or Delia decides to wake up, which has been around 9 or 10. We go upstairs and I feed Delia while Mollie and I eat breakfast. Delia falls back to sleep during this time, so I lay her on our bed downstairs while I take a shower, and Mollie watches a tv show upstairs. Then we just play it by ear until naptime. After lunch we go downstairs and both girls lay in Mollie's bed while I read them a few books. Then I put Delia on our bed, and both girls take a nap. Amazingly, they've both been sleeping 2-3 hours, and I get just as much time to myself as I had when it was just Mollie!  
 I haven't had to do bathtime by myself yet, but I will probably either: (1) Put Delia to sleep first, then bathe and put Mollie to sleep, or (2) Have Delia in a bouncer in the bathroom with us as I bathe Mollie, and then repeat the naptime routine.
 I don't know how I got so lucky, but I have been getting a full night's sleep every night! Delia starts out sleeping in her cosleeper next to our bed. She usually wakes up twice during the night to eat, at which point I bring her in bed, and we go back to sleep.
 All in all, I'm very relieved and thankful that the transition from one to two has gone so smoothly!
 Here is the sling I made in action. This is the first time I tried it, and she stayed in it for probably 15 minutes before she started fussing and I took her out. I'm not sure if she was fussing because she was uncomfortable, or if she was just in a fussy mood anyway. For those of you who "baby-wear", does it look like I'm wearing it right?  I'll have to try it again. If she doesn't like it, I have a few other slings, wraps, and baby carriers that I will try. I just hope she likes one of them!


  1. Sounds like you're doing great! Are you loving your cosleeper? So far, mine is just a fancy bedrail, since Lydia sleeps better next to me--like 2 inches away. :) But I think it will come into its own before long. :) I am jealous that she is taking a pacifier! Lydia is a good baby, but slightly fussier than Clara and DOES NOT like the pacifier or the car seat! I am holding out hope for both as car rides and a break from nursing are beneficial for Mama! And I am so thankful for my baby carriers! It looks like you both are enjoying the one you made! Really every mama needs a way to hold their baby hands free!

  2. So glad you're adjusting to having two. You're so blessed and a great momma! Sounds like you have a pretty good routine and you'll have a good helper withmollie. For bathtime, I used the bouncer/swing in the bathroom while I showered. It worked out pretty good. Love you guys!! Cece

  3. Glad that things are going so well and Delia is cooperating. I love all your pictures!

  4. I love these photos; it looks like both girls are growing & changing. I'm glad you've found ways of doing things; I knew you would!

  5. we still love our co sleeper!! sometimes in the middle of the night macey would wake up and i would feed her or just lay her in bed with me for a few min until she fell back asleep and then put her back in her co sleeper and in ours the side can fold up or down so when she was new born it was perfect for me to just open my eyes and see she was breathing and now we love the side up so she doesn't get distracted from falling asleep :) that sling looks very comfortable! And i'm glad she is taking a pacifier!!! i love the pictures Caitlin both of your girls are precious!!