July 13, 2011

Baby Shower

Last Saturday, the ladies at church threw a joint baby shower for a friend from church and I, and our new baby girls (born 6 days apart)! Because we both have two year old daughters already, neither of us really needed anything, so we had a fun, laid-back celebration of our girls.

 Here are Andrea's mom, mother-in-law, older daughter Clara, and new baby Lydia. My mom wasn't able to make it because she was in Juneau visiting her sister who just had her second baby, but after Andrea's mom said a few words about Andrea, she pulled out and read a card my mom had written to me! 
 Andrea's mom made our beautiful cake..
 There was a "money tree" for each of us for anyone who wanted to donate money or gift cards for us to buy whatever necessities we need..
 This was also the first time we got all "the babies" together. Andrea, Jenny, and I all announced our pregnancies within two weeks, and it turned out we were all due within the same two weeks! I'm so happy it worked out that way and that our children will be playmates!
 Delia, Nathan, and Lydia

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  1. Oh, thanks for posting these. Mom still has my pictures. These came out so nice and clear!

    I had fun sharing a shower with you and I was so glad Jenny was there. I didn't know how it would be "sharing" a pregnancy so closely that we pretty much became inseparable in most people's minds. :) But I really feel blessed that I had someone else to walk the milestones with and anticipate the next steps with. I think it will be fun to watch our children grow together, developing uniquely, yet similarly. God knows what He's doing!