July 17, 2011

More Pictures of One Month Old Delia

Each time Mollie turned another month old, I would take a picture of her with a huge stuffed bear (here, here, and here are a few). I decided to do something different each month with Delia, and take a variety of pictures of her laying on this quilt that my mom made her. Mollie ofcourse wanted to jump into the pictures so I will probably do some of the two of them each month to show how much they grow (especially Delia).

Before Delia was born Mollie only used a pacifier at nap and bedtime but now Delia's pacifiers are all over the house tempting Mollie.

Every month I'll do a full body shot like this to show how she's grown:

1 comment:

  1. I like the bright colors in these photos and especially how Mollie's panties and the pacifier match! These are cute photos now and will be treasured in years to come.