August 17, 2011

Art With Mollie

I mentioned in my "crafty to-do list" that I wanted to do more arts/crafts with Mollie. Last week I went to Joanns and bought all of these craft supplies. I got: washable paint, a paintbrush, scissors, glue, construction paper, foam shapes with sticky backs, googly eyes, and a wooden princess mask and flower thing for her to color.
On Saturday she painted for the first time.
 Here is her creation, with some owls she had me paint.

 While she paint, I cut out the body, nose, and legs of this owl. I got the idea here from a blog called Meet the Dubiens. This mom has tons of arts/craft ideas to do with your kids, and a series called "fun food fridays" where she makes themed lunches, like this. Anyways, after I cut the pieces out, I let Mollie put glue on them and told her where to glue them, then painted her hands and made the "wings".

Here is another handprint craft from Meet the Dubiens that I want to make soon, and put on the wall in Mollie's room:

Do you do crafts with your kids? If so, where do you get ideas?

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  1. love these caitlin!!! mollie looks like she's really concentrating! i saw these on their blog too and i can't wait to do them with Macey, i love that blog!