August 22, 2011

A Brand New Blog

I finally decided to rename my blog (since I no longer have just Mollie), and decided to go ahead and change the url too. I wanted a new name that was similar, simple, and having to do with my two girls so I decided on "My Little Women". I call them lots of things besides their names, and "little woman" is one of them. So, from now on I won't be posting on, but here on The cool thing is, I was able to import all of my posts from My Mollie Doll to this new address. I hope this doesn't confuse anybody! If you have my blog listed on your blog list to see when I have new posts, you'll have to update it to the new address to keep getting updates, but I'll still be posting all of my posts on Facebook too.


  1. thats really neat you can still have all of your old blog posts!

  2. I am so happy to be able to keep up this way, otherwise it would be impossible to keep up with everyone from coast to coast....I love these pictures, thank you so much....

  3. Gramma Dixie is anonymous