August 31, 2011

Just One Reason..

..that I love having girls: getting to make pretty clothes for them! I absolutely love that I can make them special things. I just hope they don't grow out of wearing dresses or get "too cool" to wear clothes that I make for them too soon! It will be fun when they can pick out their own fabrics and patterns someday. Maybe they'll even want to sew their own clothes too :)

This is a dress I've been working on for Delia in the past few days. It's from Simplicity 4709. The pattern also has patterns for a  pinafore and 2 lengths of bloomers, which I might do in a light green with tiny white polka dots if I can find some. I'll post more pictures when she wears it!

1 comment:

  1. I love that little dress, Caitlin! I made many little dresses the same style as this. I hope you save a scrap of every little dress that you sew. I wish I had done this. Would make a beautiful memory quilt for me to look at, now that all my little girls are grown up.

    I bet you get to sew for your girls a long time.
    I sewed for your mom and Laurie when they were in college. Amy and Amanda.....that's a different story. LOL But I did sew for them when they were little.

    Look in your mom's cedar chest. She has a dress or two that Amy & Amanda wore and then your wore them. That would be fun for Delia to wear one that you wore when you were a baby. I made a few for you when you were a toddler. I am so glad you love to sew. That was one of my favorite things to do with having little girls.
    Love you,