August 26, 2011

Mollie's First Fair

Mollie went to the fair once as a little baby, but had her first real fair experience yesterday. She rode the ponies:
She remembers that the pony she rode at Friday Fling was called Cookie. This one's name was Fireball, but when I asked her later if she remembered his name, she said "Eyeball?".
 I liked the sticker on the little window of the trailer that the ponies were walking around:
 We went to to the petting zoo and saw these tiny pigs, they were so cute! They were in their own little part of the petting zoo, closed off with a gate, and they kept escaping whenever people would go in and out of the gate. People would have to catch them and bring them back and the pigs would squeal so loud!
 They were probably about a foot long:
 Then Mollie and I shared Dippin' Dots:

 I knew she'd like them (who doesn't):

 Sharing with me:
Delia was in her sling, sleeping, the whole time:
 But we took her out for a little break while we ate:

 Mollie was big enough to ride some of the rides, and she rode the cars:


 and train:

Thanks Grammy, for coming with us!

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  1. The fair is great!!! And you're right, who doesn't like Dippin' Dots? It looks like you all had a really good time.