September 29, 2011

The First Of Many

We've been thinking about getting Mollie's hair cut for a few weeks now. Sometimes when she has her hair up for awhile and the shorter layers start coming out of her ponytail you can see what it would look like short and it looks so cute! The same thing happens when you put on her shirt in the morning, her short layers pop out like a little bob, and when it happened this morning I thought, "We have to do this today!"  
She sat quietly in her seat the whole time. She literally didn't say a word, which is totally unlike her!
She did smile though every few minutes..
I was a little scared when they pulled out the blow drier, because she doesn't like to be around when I'm blow drying my hair at home, but she didn't mind too much, she just made this funny face..
All done!
Can you tell she feels pretty?!
 She still didn't say a word until we started going down the stairs of the building the salon was in. She started talking nonstop about all of the things that happened, and kept talking all the way home. In fact, she told Delia, "Don't cry baby sister, we'll get your haircut too. And you can have a pink lollipop too!"

She was still super excited when we got home, and wouldn't stop dancing around (some of you may have seen the video on facebook), so I snapped away. I got so many cute pictures that I have to do a new post, but here's a little preview:

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