October 25, 2011

Mollie Mouse

This morning was the Halloween party for the 2 yr old story-time at the library. We aren't planning on taking Mollie trick-or-treating, but I knew we'd go to the library party, and a party that some of our friends are hosting, so she needed a costume! For her birthday, she had gotten a Minnie Mouse dress-up dress with ears to match, so I figured she could wear that since we wouldn't have to make or buy a costume, and Minnie is her favorite character after all. However, last week one of the seams in the dress ripped! I had kind of wanted to make her Minnie costume myself anyway but talked myself out of it since she already had one, so I was a little excited that now I had an excuse! I used a pattern I've used several times, since it was perfect for the classic Minnie Mouse dress. I already had the ribbon on the headband, ribbon for the bow on the dress, and the black fabric of the dress, and spent about $3 on the polka dot fabric, fabric for the collar, and black felt for the headband. We got her gloves a month or so ago at Toys R Us. I'm glad we got those, they really make the outfit in my opinion!

Anyways, here she is modeling the dress. These first three pictures really show her different smiles.
This is the "Okay Mom, I'm smiling, hurry up and take the picture!" smile:
This is her really fake smile. I've been noticing her doing it for pictures lately. It's like she only smiles with her bottom lip:
 And this is her real smile! There's such a difference between this one and the last one:

 Here we are at the library. The kids all got balloons so here she is looking up at hers:
 Listening to the stories:

 Heading over to do some crafts:

 We had a little parade around the library, and then came back to the room for snacks:
It was a lot of fun. I'm glad I get to do little things like this again now that I have kids, it really makes holidays more special!

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  1. Such a great post Caitlin. The pictures are precious! You are saving a scrap of fabric from everything you sew, aren't you? Some day you will love a quilt made with it and remember all those little outfits.
    Love you,