October 4, 2011

Playing outside with Mollie has gotten really fun in the last few months now that she's old enough to understand that she has to stay in the yard and not run down the street. I love watching her use her imagination and pretend. It's just funny to see the little things that she thinks are fun to do.
Like run down this ramp a million times.. 
Run around the trees and jump over the stick..
..and have "birthday parties" at her Dora table..
..complete with gum to eat that, doubles as a candle to blow out..
Having a "campfire" ..
Playing in puddles..
 ..wiping off the water..
and splashing..
Uh-Oh, she dropped her gum on the ground..
She kept licking it, looking at it, and licking it again. I think she was trying to lick all of the dirt off.
I guess it was clean enough for her!

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