November 1, 2011

The First Snow

I took Mollie outside to play in the snow yesterday. It was her first time (she never played in the snow last year), so I was interested to see what she would do! Would she pay any attention to it? Would she just do the things she normally does outside? Would she think it was too cold and want to go back inside? 

Well, her first reaction was to eat it!

She liked to sit in it and then admire the impression she'd made..

I love how pink and rosy her cheeks and nose got!
She had to wipe the snow off of every surface..

And she played a long time with the net. It was our "finish line" and we had to run under it and say, "Hurray,  to the finish line!"

Her hair kept getting in her eyes so she'd try to push it out of the way and kept getting snow all over her face!

I made a heart shaped, and a start shaped path and she loved walking around and around in the footprints..
Stu and Delia joined us after a while..

Well, I don't know how often we'll be going outside to play since I prefer to stay warm inside, but it was fun watching her explore and experience it for the first time!

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