November 11, 2011


I finished my first quilt yesterday and I think it turned out awesome! I think I've found a life-long hobby in quilting. Unfortunately it's a gift, so I can't post any pictures of it yet. Mollie knew I was making a quilt and seemed really interested in it. She even told me she wanted me to make her a quilt. That is the first time she's ever asked me to make her anything, and I hope it's the first of many sewing requests! I was surprised she said that, so I asked her what color quilt she wanted. Just as I was expecting, she immediately replied, "Pink!" That is her answer to any question about her color preference. Even when she isn't asked, she always wants "the pink one!" Her wardrobe and toy collection is pretty colorful, so it's not like we've bombarded her with pink stuff. Maybe we've subconsciously encouraged her to like pink. Maybe she's learned from TV, clothes, and toys that "pink is for girls". Or maybe she just thinks pink is the prettiest color. Anyway, I decided to go with her love of pink, and make her the pinkest pink quilt! I'm sure pink won't always be her favorite color, so I want to remember this time in her life where she is crazy about pink! I was envisioning a quilt made entirely of pink fabric, with a variety shades, designs, and scales of print. So I went to Joann's last night but they didn't really have too many that I loved, and not enough that would really "go together". 

However I did see this set of five "fat quarters"...  
I fell in love with two of these fat quarters.. Can you guess which ones?
 The ones with the adorable vintage looking cats! I knew Mollie would like them too..
 ..but I just didn't love the other three fabrics. I liked the tiny flower print but thought the green in the leaves looked a little out of place. And the star print was the perfect shade of pink, but I didn't really think that "stars" fit into the vintage cat theme. But I loved the pink and grey color scheme..
 ..and decided to find some grey, pink, and white fabrics to match..

 So here are all of the fabrics I'll use.. 
 I'm still debating whether or not to use the star fabric. What do you think?
Here is the quilt I'll make out of it. It's a free pattern from Moda Bake Shop. 
And finally, a close up of the cat. Is she adorable or what?! 

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  1. very cute!! i say the stars dont really go...but that is going to be an awesome quilt!