January 13, 2012

Art With Mollie: Wrapping Paper Roll Bat

I asked Mollie if she wanted to make a craft today, and she requested a bat. I wasn't sure how I was going to come up with a bat craft but I remembered the toilet paper roll owls we made and decided to do a bat version using a wrapping paper roll left over from Christmas. I bent the top of the roll to make the ears and let her paint it (she picked pink ofcourse), and while it dried, she decorated the wings that I cut out. Then she put on the eyes and fangs.
 Our kitchen table was craft-central this morning as I worked on a quilt while Mollie started on her next project, a pig! I had no idea how to make a pig out of a wrapping paper roll, so I was glad that she came up with her own idea.
 Her drawing has gotten so much better in just the last week and I love that she came up with this all on her own. The green stuff next to the pig is mud, by the way.
Then we hung it on the fridge and spelled out "pig" with her letter magnets.
 She loves to line up the letters into long nonsense words and then "sound them out".

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