July 17, 2012

Fizz Magic

Since Mollie enjoyed the Fireworks in a Jar experiment so much, I decided to look for some more "kitchen experiments" she could do. Here is the first one we tried. It's one of many activities out there that observe the baking soda and vinegar reaction. 

You just a shallow bowl or baking sheet and spread a layer of baking soda on it..

Then you tint a bowl of vinegar (or several) with food coloring..

Then use a water dropper to drop the vinegar into baking soda and let the magic begin!

She really enjoyed stirring the mixture..

..and we figured out that the fizzing & bubbling would go on longer if the baking soda was dropped into the vinegar solution!

Eventually I suggested that we just pore the vinegar into the bowl.. 

So, do you think she enjoyed it?! I think this picture speaks for itself..

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