July 27, 2012

End Of Summer Party

The Palmer library held quite the party today to celebrate the end of the Summer Reading Program, which we've been participating in. They had a professional storytelling group come, a BBQ, tons of games & activities for the kiddos, and the weather could not have been more perfect!

Mollie knows all of the letters in her name, but doesn't quite understand that they go in a certain order :)

I had to include this one because of this kid's awesome mustache haha!

Mollie did a race where you balance an egg on your spoon. She didn't quite get the balancing concept, but she was obviously having fun!
They had a big bounce house, with a slide that drops you into a pool of water at the bottom.  Mollie went in, and went right up to the top of the slide with one of her friends from storytime, and they sat up there for probably 5 minutes, because they were both scared to go down! Finally we coaxed Mollie down and she kind of freaked out! I think the water surprised her. She didn't even make it into the pool of water but she was soaking wet! I made sure to tell her how proud I was that she did something that she was afraid to do :)
Anyway, it was a fun time. I really love being involved with the library, and hope Mollie and Delia have the same fond memories that I have of going to the library as a kid.

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