September 21, 2012

Fall Is Here

I'm always surprised how fast Summer turns to Fall up here! I took the girls outside the other night so that I could get some pictures of Mollie in this new skirt I made her, and it wasn't until I was editing the pictures that I really realized how much the trees were changing, and how many leaves were on the ground!

It was about 7:30-8 in the evening, and the light was so pretty on the trees!

I made this skirt for Mollie, but it's also listed here in my shop in sizes 0-3m through 6.

She makes the funniest faces when I ask her to look at the camera..

I like her real smile better :)

I love this picture of Delia and Maggie, they have a special relationship..

Playing keep-away..

These photos sort of sum up the way they play together these days :)..

Is it Fall yet where you live?

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