December 28, 2012

Our Christmas Day

I didn't get around to making the "big present" that I'd hoped to make the girls, but I did make them these wool felt hairbows. They were so much fun. I made some for a few other girls in the family too.

DeDe liked them :)

I also made them each a tub of homemade playdough. It's so much softer than "real" playdough and doesn't dry out nearly as fast. Plus, it's colored with Kool-aid and smells amazing! 

We got the girls this tub of "bristle blocks", which turned out to be a big hit..

 We've made cars, trains, puppies, phones, cameras, etc. The wheel pieces actually turn, and can be used as joints to make arms/legs move. They are really neat! 

 Merry Christmas!

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  1. Here I am again, perusing your posts.. :)

    Just want you to know that although my husband and I don't have any little ones yet, your posts make me look forward to the day if God wills. Your little ones' faces have constant looks of simple, pure joy.. really, in every photo they look as if they are in awe at life. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! I hope to be able to achieve that if I should ever have little ones. Your home seems like a lovely, happy place for two little girls. :)