February 3, 2013

Valentine's Craft/Number Matching Game

Mollie's been really into numbers/counting ever since she started playing this app that Stu downloaded for her to play on his Iphone. It has simple addition and subtraction problems with little pictures to represent the numbers. Now I notice her talking about numbers and counting things more, as well as being able to look at a small group of things and know how many there are without counting them. I think the game helped her to understand the somewhat abstract concept that the actual numerals represent a certain number of items (one-to-one correspondence). Anyway, one of the blogs I read posted this game and I thought Mollie would love it so we did it this afternoon. I cut the hearts out, drew the zigzags, and then wrote the numbers on. Then I'd hand one to Mollie and have her tell me what number it was, and then put that many stickers on the other side of the heart. She was choosing the stickers out of a big sticker book with ice cream themed stickers and I thought it was funny that she chose one type of sticker for each heart. I thought it might get confusing when playing the game if she used different sized and shaped stickers on the hearts but I didn't say anything, so I'm glad she did it this way on her own.

Delia likes to count too.. She says, "two, two, two.." :)

Then I cut along the zig zags, laid them out, and explained the game to Mollie.

 She got it right away..

All done! She did it really fast, so it'll be interesting to see if this will be something she wants to play with more. We might have to do numbers 6-10! 

A lot of times after finishing a craft, Mollie will make some sort of variation of it on her own..

So she had me cut us each a circle, then she drew the zig zags and wanted to do letters on them so I suggested with do a "big letter" on one side, and it's "little letter" on the other side. So she did big B and little b, and immediately turned them into people :)

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