May 4, 2013

Sewing For My Boy: Quilt Progress

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback about what fabric to choose! I ordered my fabric from Stash Modern Fabric on Etsy, who let me put together a custom bundle of the fabrics I wanted. I cut it up into triangles as soon as I got it. I didn't count them, but there has to be at least 200..

I played around with them, arranging them different ways, but none of them looked right to me. I loved the way they looked when I lined them up from the darkest to lightest...

So I tried arranging them that way, with the darkest fabric starting in one corner, and fading into the lightest fabric in the opposite corner. It's totally different than what I was planning, but I like it! It has kind of an ombre look. I've sewn all of the triangles together, so the whole quilt top is done and basted to the batting. I'm determined to get it done before we move out of state in just two weeks, so expect to see the finished product soon!

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  1. You are amazingly creative & talented! This will be perfect for Lincoln.