April 9, 2014

Lincoln at 8 Months

Lincoln is 8 months old now, and this is the first monthly post I've written about him. I guess that what happens when you're the third kid :) So here are a few things about Lincoln lately:

- He's the smiliest baby ever. All you have to do is say one thing to him and you get a huge grin.

-His smiles are always open mouth. I love that about him!! His mouth is identical to Dede's, but their smiles are totally different.


- He's been "teething" for the past four months, but finally got his first tooth in on the bottom.

- He is just starting to sit up on his own a little bit, but falls down after a minute. He's just like Mollie in that he's too busy playing with things and exploring to put his hands down to support himself.

- He's sooooo ticklish. 

- His laugh seriously sounds like a boy. It's hard to explain, but it's true!

- He sticks his tongue out and blows raspberries all the time. I don't remember either of the girls doing that.

- He's the easiest that any of my kids have been to get to sleep as a baby, and the only one to sleep in a crib.

- When his hair is sweaty, it looks like it curls a little. I have my fingers crossed. Stu's hair was super curly as a kid. 

- His hair just keeps getting blonder and blonder.

- He's got quite the personality. I think he might be a little wild, but I don't mind at all :)

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