April 3, 2014

Our DIY Industrial Dining Table

These are some pictures of the girls testing out our new dining table a few weeks ago. Stu made it, using the wood from the top of our old table. It was an old farmhouse style table that came with the building. Pretty cool for a free table! But it had some issues. Like the boards had small gaps between them, and crumbs would fall through. It also had no finish on it, so it soaked up anything that got on it, like Dede's greasy hand prints after rubbing butter all over them :)

 So Stu took the boards from the old top apart, got them joined together perfectly, then sanded, stained, and finished the new top after attaching it to the metal frame he built. Pretty awesome, right?! I think I'm allowed to brag about it a little since I'm not the one who made it :) I don't have any before pictures, but you'll have to trust me that it was an awesome transformation.


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  1. Very nice design and construction. I like the industrial style too.