June 19, 2014

Dede at 3

In three years she's grown from the easiest, most serious baby, who wouldn't smile for anyone but her parents (much less let them hold her) into an incredibly affectionate, mischievous preschooler with the best imagination, who will walk up to strangers wherever we go to tell them that her name is Missy.. or Eloise.

I did Mollie's first "birthday interview" on her third birthday, and am carrying on the tradition with Dede. It's broken into two parts since she took an impromptu (potty) break in the middle of her interview :)

I've included a translation at the end. in case you have trouble understanding her, and I included a few questions that I thought to ask her after we were done making the video.. enjoy!


What's your name?
Umm Delia!
How old are you?
How old are you gonna be tomorrow?
Favorite color?
Purple, Pink
Favorite food?
Milk, Smoothie, Juice
Cinderella and Snow White
Favorite thing to watch on TV?
Favorite movie?
Little Mermaid
Favorite song?
Oh Dede, I Love You (an original song by Mollie)
Can you sing it?
*Oh Mama, I Love You *
Favorite thing to do?
Favorite thing to do with Mollie?
Favorite thing to do with Mama?
Favorite thing to do with Dada?
Work with him
Favorite thing to do with Lincoln?
Give kisses to him
Do you have any friends? Can you tell me what your friends names are?
There's Lydia, and there's Clara for Mollie, and there's Emma for you. Maybe Caitlin. And I have friends that you can hold. You can hold Lydia. Well, can I bring Julie (her teddybear) to play with my Julie with my friend Lydia? Lydia likes my Julie.
She does?
Mmhmm, that's all.

Apparently she was done! A while later I asked her a few more questions I hadn't gotten to:

Where do you live?
Where's your favorite place to go?
Aunt Lowa's house
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A mama

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