July 2, 2014

South Haven Beach Trip: The Hotel

We took a mini-vacation last week to South Haven, one of the beach towns on Lake Michigan. When we moved to Michigan, I didn't really realize that there are real beaches here. I've never lived close to a beach, and have only visited them a handful of times in my life, so to be this close (we're about 1.5 hrs away), is amazing! We got there in the early evening, stayed one night at a hotel, and spent the next day at the beach. This was the girls' first time sleeping at a hotel. I remember how special and exciting it felt as a kid to get to sleep at a hotel. I asked Mollie later what her favorite part of our trip was, and she said it was sleeping at the hotel. Her and Dede always ask to sleep together, so I know it would be a huge treat to get to share a queen size bed for the night.

Lincoln did great sleeping at the hotel too, in between Stu and I. Of course he's an old pro. He's stayed a few nights in hotels before his cath and surgery, so this was his third hotel stay!

If you look close, you can see his tiny fang. He has two teeth on the bottom, and one on top, but it's on the side, not in the front. Now the other side one is starting to poke through, so it looks like we'll be getting a little preview of what he'll look like when he looses his baby teeth :)

Anyway, more of our beach trip to come..

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