January 8, 2015

Decking The Halls

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we picked out our Christmas tree. There are beautiful Christmas tree farms here, complete with horse drawn sleighs, a dressed up Santa, and hot chocolate. But after a long afternoon of antiquing, we were ready to get home, and picked out a tree from Home Depot instead. Someday we'll have the picturesque tree farm experience :D
Lincoln was fascinated with the tree when we brought it in.   

At the antique stores that day, I was looking for an old galvanized metal tub to put the tree in. We found one, and it couldn't have been more perfect.

 Every year growing up we would watch/listen to a Disney Christmas sing-a-long video while decorating the tree. A few years ago, I found a DVD copy of the same video! I was thrilled to find it so that we could start the same tradition. It may be cheesy video, but it just sounds like Christmas to me (I'm sure my brother would agree).

Good idea, Dede! She was very eager to help.

There was glitter everywhere after we were finished!

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